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Mac mini VGA problem


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I havn't gotten my mini yet (still awaiting it) but just found a bunch of posts stating a problem some people are having with the VGA output of the mini (here and here). I guess the the signal strength is low (below VESA specs) and some are getting darker then normal display. Does anyone with a mini have this problem? I would be interested in the display AND resolution anyone with a mini are using.

I'm not sure if I should cancel my order or not as it's still "OPEN". :(


- geek -
X-Istence said:
How about you wait and see?
Well day after I thought about waiting (canceling my order) my mini shipped. :p Anyhoo hooked it up and all seems ok. :D

* Oh and an update on this issue. I read someplace that it's now believe it could be possibly corrupted bios or something on the ATi cards giving the issues as the bios version that the mini is shipped w/ is like 3 or 4 versions behind the "current". One of the updates just happend to deal w/ green spots and stuff that some ppl w/ DVI are seeing with certain monitors. Anyhoo looks like Apple should be able to fix it hopefully.

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