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mac dock for windows - which is the one to use?

Dark Atheist

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rather than using loads of task bars, can someone suggest a good dock to use - free if poss, being i'll, having no job, or money both sucks ass and limits what you can have :(


F@H - Is it in you?
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A side suggestion for those who are interested.

If you enable the "desktop" toolbar on your taskbar and have a single folder setup on any drive on your system, you can add shortcuts as needed and not have to run an additional application. I used to run a dock all the time but the desktop toolbar is much faster for me.

Dark Atheist

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has anyone else notices a new service call AST Service pop up after they install rockit dock? file is supposed to be in C:\Windows\System32 but i cant see it there, i have deleted the service though


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I have used every dock out there. I like rocketdock, RK Launcher and Objectdock about the same. What I would love to see and I think it is illegal but some developers have attempted this with limited success is a the genie effect of OS X

Dark Atheist

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must be something else i installed, wonder if it was daz studio or something like that, ESET NOD32 says system is clen and spybot search and destroy found nothing :)

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