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Mac compression program


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A friend of mine is looking for a program (preferably free) that will allow him to create a zip file on a Mac that can be unzipped on both mac and pc systems. He would like it to be able to be password protected and to require that password on both OS' before opening as well.

Anybody have any ideas??



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Stuffit is the most popular compression program on the Mac. It comes with an application called DropZip that will accomplish this. It's not free though, and I don't know that you'll find a free program that will give you the option to encrypt your archive.

Here is a list of compression apps for the Mac.


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Thanks, there's one that looks favorable, called zippist. Only one other problem, i sent him the link and minimum req is os x, i guess he's using os9.x he says. I might have him test it anyways, but I'm not overly familiar with Macs so I'm not sure if like windows sometimes you can get things to run even if you don't meet the sys reqs or if it says os x then you have to have os x.



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Normally the apps only support what they say they support, so if he has OS9 then I'm not sure that will work. Worth a shot, though. :)

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