MAC and ICS...


The Boss
2 Dec 2001
erm... does anyone know a way to connect to the internet using a mac where the server is using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)... ?

you can use this

PCMACLAN 8.1 for NT/2000/XP


Networking PCs and Macs has never been easier or more complete. PC MACLAN for Windows NT/2000/XP features centralized security, IP server and client support and full Windows NT/2000/XP integration, giving users convenient features for bi-directional file, drive, and printer sharing.

Enables Cross-Platform File Sharing
PC MACLAN for Windows NT/2000/XP allows cross-platform file sharing, over IP (Internet Protocol) or AppleTalk, across an Ethernet network. PC users can access any Mac or AFP servers, with file sharing enabled, or AppleShare IP Servers on the network. Mac users access Windows NT/2000/XP files and drives via the "Chooser "or Mac 's Network Browser.

Supports Mac IP Client &Server Technology
PC MACLAN for Windows NT/2000/XP provides fast, convenient networking by connecting to AppleShare IP Servers and OS 9 systems on a LAN, WAN, over the internet, or remote dial-up. In addition, PC MACLAN allows Mac users to access PCs over IP and is a cost-effective alternative to Windows File Services for Macintosh (SfM),offered only in Windows NT/2000/XP Server editions.

Runs File And Print Servers As Windows NT/2000/XP Services
Running both the Print and File servers as services, Mac users can access printer or files on PCs with greater convenience and without jeopardizing network security.

Maximizes Existing Network Resources

Transfer files over IP as a faster alternative to AppleTalk.
Print from your Mac directly to any PostScript or non-PostScript printers attached to the PC network
Print from your PC directly to any AppleTalk Postscript or non-Postscript printer attached to the Mac network
Access Mac files and drives from your PC 's "Network Neighborhood " in Windows NT or "My Network Places" in Windows 2000
Access PC files and drives via the Mac 's "Chooser "or "Network Browser "
Make your PC an AppleShare File Server
Apply Windows NT/2000/XP security features to the PC MACLAN File Server

Official website:
I'm no Mac expert, but just give it an IP address in the same class as the others (usually 192.168.1.x) and set the gateway IP to the LAN side of the box running ICS. But don't ask me how to configure it, i havent used a Mac since 1996.


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