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m$ support response on SP2 VPN


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
here is what I just heard back from M$ on an issue I have with them on VPN under SP2.... I think it is bull**** and will not resolve, would like opinions... (It starts from the XP CD needless to say)

press R for recovery , then choose option1, press enter on admin password
Then when the black screen appears type the following command
cd \windows/system32/restore then press enter
then type in the following rstrui.exe then press enter . then select a pervious date then press next
and then run a clean boot and reinstall Sp2
Incase you want to know what this is about here is the thread that sparked my enquiry with m$....

GGGggrrrr I may or may not do what they ask - you my folks will be my guidance. (that and the others I know at other forums with identical problem!)

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