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m night shyamalan

undefinedundefined have any of you seen the movie/documentry on Sci Fi that aired on the 18, and encore on the 19th? well if you havent, you'll get another chance to see it on the 23rd at 8 AM. itll scare you, make you believe in things you didnt believe, and most of all, change your thoughts on the way of life. anyway it just pulls you in

i-m me or PM me for details, maybe i'll post em up later...to tired right now, just post something if you know anything. :( scared the hell outta me


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But they have been promoting that movie to death.

And if it's only so-so... it's gonna get ugly.

The one's they promote the most are usually the one's that they are worried about doing well.

Electronic Punk

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I haven't seen anything about it over here.

It's only apple.com/trailers/ that let me know it existed :)

We are getting trailers for Thunderbirds (oh dear lord - tho the Blur/Song2 theme in the trailer means respec') and Hell Boy
Went to see Spidey 2 the other night and there were 3 bloody trailers for Hell boy!
Jesus. Seen it already and it's nothing to get too excited about.


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The first time I seen the comercial for The Village, I thought it was a joke, I don't think it's going to be that good. I guess we will see, tell us when you see it, cause I am not spending money on it lol


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Sixth Sense was great. (although I was on ketamine at the time)

Signs: Horrible movie

The village: Looks good but if it sucks, he's done for.


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I've liked all of his films :)

unbreakable IMO was the most under=appreciated of his works and Signs was the most commercial...

6th Sense still is one of the top rated films.. :)


Dabba Dooba
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i want to see the new girls gone wild videos :)...i know its off topic but hey who doesnt want to see them? anyway...i dont really member a preview of the village...but i did like 6th sense and signs.

edit: i ment did not didnt

Son Goku

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I ended up seeing 6th sense twice. Once by myself, and then a friend of mine wanted to go see it with me. It was decent. Signs was worth seeing IMO.

I've seen some of the previews on Sci-Fi for the Village. Will probably go see. Won't know if I like it or not until I've seen it however :D


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I agree, Sazar... Unbreakable is a very under-appreciated film. I think it's brilliant and couldn't be done any better.

As for The Village, I'm obviously expecting the best since M. Night hasn't let me down yet. You can't help but wonder though if he can make a mistake and come out with a bad film. After Signs he was being touted as the next possible Spielberg. I think he could be if he keeps it up!

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