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Dabba Dooba
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Hey i was wondering if there is a site were u could search thru lyrics. Like if i put in a certain lyric it would give me the song/songs with that in it. I


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if you listen to music on your computer then this is the program for you...I know this may not be exactly what you want but this will load all the lyrics of songs you use that are played through the audio player on your computer...has plugins for itunes and other players but works best with winamp...Evillyrics


Dabba Dooba
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thanks too both of u. I am gonna try that program Tuff.
Benny thanks alot for the link. I just couldnt remember the song. :)


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Evil Marge said:
Try Google :p
Yep. Google works really well. Put in a line or two in the search bar and your first hit is usually the song you want. The same goes for finding lyrics of a music. Put in the "ARTIST TITLE lyrics" like "Britney Spears The Bestest best song lyrics".

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