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Question - Is anyone running this distro? The reason being is that I downloaded and installed the Amethyst 2 version on my laptop and after being in it for more than a half hour it would lock up and I would have to do a hard boot. I really like this distro and want to give it a week or so before I actually make my final judgement on it. Should I download build 46, and is it stable? I had no conflicts on the Amethyst version and all my hardware was compatible I even checked the checksum. Any help would be appreciated....
I'm using Amethyst Update 2 with no problems.

Have you checked the Hardware Compatibility list to see if all your hardware is supported? It could be the hardware causing a problem.

If not, it could be a problem with some files. You could try reinstalling it.
All of the hardware is compatible, and the checksum came out fine. I did do a reinstall and still the same thing. I think I am going to try build 46 and see what happens. It's doesn't lock up at any certain point, it will be running smooth and then wham it hits - time for a reboot. Have anyone tried build 46?
Well I am currently downloading build 53. No luck whatsoever with build amethyst 2. I have been reading the Lycoris message boards and people are saying it is more stable than 46. I guess I will find out!!!!
Just got done installing it. Haven't really had the opportunity to look around that much, but I don't notice that much difference. Give me an hour and I will write more....that will give me the chance to scope it out.
Everything is running good, so far the only problems I am having is if I click the network browser, computer hangs. Other than that from what I can see at this point everything is about the same. I think I have gotten past that lock up when I did the 53 build :)
Well forget about my earlier post! It is locking up again :confused:
I have posted on their site about my problem and hopefully I will get something back. I just don't get it, everything I have is supported, md5 checks out ok. Any other ideas you might have would be appreciated.

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