Lycoris vs. XP ??

It's beginning to look a lot like XP...everywhere you goooooo.....

i think the worst part of linux is its gui
that distro and redmond linux are steps in the right direction
user friendliness
thats all linux needs to start getting real consumer and industry support
the linux gui is better than the windows gui by far and as for the entire os is concerened, i am still learning linux only been learning for about 4 months now but i am beginning to see y linux is better than windows

it never crashes
totally customizable
text based interface can do everything
gui is more stable and supports multiple desktops on one monitor
better mem management
for laptops, lower power consumption
really cool commands like finger, head, mount unmount fsck

i am starting to like it a whole lot more plus most importantly its FREE!!!! and its free legally not the hacked copies of xp that most people have
You might want to edit out "most" in your post. "Most" of the people with XP bought it legally, or received it with a new PC.
i put most because of the people i know and the people i know around me
Originally posted by Mr SlippyFist
i think the worst part of linux is its gui
that distro and redmond linux are steps in the right direction
user friendliness
thats all linux needs to start getting real consumer and industry support

finally someone agrees with me. If linux was more user friendly, it would be alot more popular. I am very intrigued by linux, I have installed and uninstalled it about 100 times. I use it and I have no patients, so I uninstall it because it just isnt user friendly. Unlike windows, I was just able to run with it and learn it.

I think one thing linux desparately need to work on is their file structure. I just dont understand where anything is. But then again I am NOT smart on linux either.
its not meant to be user friendly. it isnt windows. you have to understand that the gui mode in linux is for newbies like me and for surfing the web. thats it. linux is not a gaming system, it is not a mulimedia system. it is a stable system, an almost unhackable system. 90% of all web servers run unix/linux os's. they are the most secure. Microsoft themselfves run unix, not hteir advanced server or .net server for their web sites. that should tell you something. try running win2k advanced server for 6 years without a restart. i garuntee u get a bluescreen after 30 days. linux can be u for years at a tiem. my classroom server has been up for 4 years and 235 days without a restart or an error. thats stability and thats why people use linux/unix. also data is more secure on unix and is more easly recovered. filenames can be 255 characters long where case matters. PASSWORD is not the same file as password or PaSwOrD. there are no file extensions so less liekly of a chance to get a virus. thats linux and if you learn it like i am trying to do now, i garuntee from what ive learned so far, u will never use windows for any major applications

other reasons. u buy windows u gotta buy an office suite. linux comes with it preinstalled
many more but im tired of typing

In my opinion Linux is brilliant if you know how to work it but at the moment you really need to do some training to use the system, even with a GUI mode.

This is fine if you are technologically inclined / are willing and prepared to put the effort into it, but not everyone has the patience or willingness to learn Linux.

Windows on the other hand is a pure Plug and Play system, you don't need to really know what you are doing to use the GUI, it is currently more compatible than getting drivers on some Linux distros. and it hides all the complicated stuff at the back so that Joe average never even sees it.

I agree than in many ways Linux has the potential to be more powerful than Windows but until it develops the same user friendlyness as Windows or at least develops a soft use option, only techically inclined people are going to use it.
it already is more powerful than windows. every dos attack, exry hacked website, every hacker uses linux/unix. u just cant do these things form a rigid os like windows. linux is open source. i may not know how to program, but ive already customizedl inux, very minutely, but i wrote a login script and other types of things. im on windows now, but when i get to know enough of linux, i am definatly switching over.
A linux verses Windows Debate. WOO HOO!

I've used linux more times than I can remember, but never for more than a few days. I was drawn in by the "powerful" OS talk that always used to describe it. To be totaly honest I have Windows2000 ADS doing everthing I wanted linux to do, with one difference. I can still use the 2000 machine for browsing or whatever. And have no problems with driver support or programs. I've had it running over 2months without a reboot, which brings up the limitation of having to reboot to install updates. Something Linux/Unix can do. 2000 servers, ADS and DCS have uptimes of over 99.9%

Yes it's a good OS, but the "fact" that it takes 4 monthes of learning is the reason it's not on every desktop.

Linux/Unix is no less hackable that Windows2000 when locked up.
For ultimate security the kernal still has to be hardened.
The passwords in ADS are case SenSitiVE BTW.

Also 2000 and XP have something called RAW Sockets that can launch the same hellified DDoS attacks if one wanted.
What was once coral, then redmond, and now most recently Lycoris linux doesnt build partitions right. If you have one HD and install lycoris linux on it along side windows, it screws up the partition table.

I have had a few flavors of linux and removed the partitions without a hitch, but this flavor (lycoris) partitions cant be removed by partition magic or any other partition editor without wiping the entire partition table because of "crossed over" partitioning that lycoris does.

I tried PM 7.02, it said it repaired it, but then would error out and close itself. I tried partition manager, and it errored out. Heck for shits and giggles, I even tried FDISK, and it laughed at me...LOL

I just backed everything up, and wiped out my entire partition table using AEFDISK.

All will work fine with both installed and as long as the linux partitions are intact. The problems comes when you want to remove linux from your machine.

Now your probably thinking why did I delete it so fast? Well lycoris is a very bare bones linux OS, and I couldnt get online with it because it didnt come with PPPOE so i could connect to my dsl. I really didnt feel like screwing with it, so i wanted to rid it.

This isnt to downgrade this OS in anyways, just a fair warning for the folks that may not want to start completely over if they dont like linux.
If you want a user friendly Linux distribution that is also full feaured and as powerful as the other distributions, Mandrake might be your best bet ;)
I've heard that Mandrake 8.2 is awesome,,, Friendly and has plenty of drivers. That would have to big a big step up from 8.0. What happened to the 8.1 betas?

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