LVComSWnd not Responding <-----GRRRRRR!!!!


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12 Dec 2001
Whenever I try to use MSN Messenger, NetMeeting or Yahoo Messenger and try to access the video module of each application...the the application "locks" up and when I try to end task says "LVComSWnd not responding" and I can never end the application. I have to end up rebooting my whole machine. My cam is a Logitech QuickCam Express USB with the latest drivers from Logitech installed. So far...this is the only problem I have had with XP and I would really like some insight on how to get it resolved.



LVComSWnd : is a file to do with the CAM ...... You have to remove the cam software completly

and then look for any files starting with LV and manually delete them..... If you are not sure of the file, right click on
it , select properties and look at the version. If it has Logitech in
it, get rid of it

then re-install......

Its something to do with the drivers :(

or contact Logitech and tell them to make proper drivers

i have heard the winME ones work better on XP , but i have only heard that, i dont know if it is true

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