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has anyone ever gotten this error before. It pops up almost daily now on my pc and it causes the computer to shut down. I have run virus scans and even downloaded the tool from microsoft to see if this machine has the Sasser Virus but nothing... i'm at my wits end.. it is causing major resource issues and i can't stay conected to the internet long enough to search for answers... any help would be appreciated..

I'm running XP with SP1... i can't stay connected long enough to get SP2.


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evil little bugger it is. forgot to patcha new comp for reg sasser yesterday and did a data migration and it rebooted it half way through...


Mindless Poster
thanks, i hope these help.... i just hope i can fix it.. i even re installed my operating system hoping that would do it and it didnt'... i'm really stummped on this one..


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when it comes up go to run and type shutdown -a this will make sure it wont shut you down again but you are still gonna wanna download the patch and all that. Also make sure the messenger service is turned off in services.
ha well what do you know i just got that msg too lol, it's not a virus though it stands for local security authentication server i think the last s is for shell, if lsass.exe is located in c:\windows\system32 then it's safe otherwise it's a virus so in my case it wasn't a virus it was from the system32

now here is what i think: if anything happens while you're logged on, ie something with your account has been played with then i think that lsass process is killed and causes your computer to shutdown

plz correct me if im wrong that was all from my common sense so i hope im right
lol and this is what happened when you don't let lsass.exe reboot your computer, the computer won't see you logged on check out this screenshot from my taks manager it's all unknown user


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