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i had a sudden brainstorm about cleaning up my brothers HD, he is covered with over 200 viruses right now (plays in bad sites, LOLK) and i was thinking that if i could find a good program for xp or for me to do a low lvl format or maybe a tutorial on writing zeros i would really appreciate it, thanks gendr4


Free to Fly
a normal format should do the job. maybe even fdisk'ing it and starting from their.

no point going to the extra hassle of a low level format
i don't know if there is still such a thing as a low level format. In the old days it was done at the factory with special equipment and not a good idea to try and redo it. You also had to write the bad sectors list to the disk manually...

Best bet would be to repartition and then format the disk. That will destroy the FAT and the data.

If you just want to wipe a disk use nortons disk tool. It is what we use at work to cleanse a disk before we remove it from a classified area. For security you wipe 10 times.

PS Has your brother ever heard of anti virus software???? It stops all the nasties that I run into on those nasty sites. It won't stop bots and nasties from IRC channels though. You invite those in yourself.

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