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low fps in counter strike source

Scott Young

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i got a leadtek geforce 6800 recently, and it was running cs sourcefine up until a few days ago when the frames per second droped from anaverage of 100-90 and 50-60 in heavy fighting, to about 30-40 and 15-20in heavy fighting, i dont rember making any great changes to my pc atthe time, and ive tryed reinstallin cs, and the card drivers to noeffect

it has renered th game unplayable and it stutters like mad, wrse then when i had my old geforce 4 MX 440

and im definately not going to turn the graphics down!

2800+ XP
leadtek nVidia 6800 A400
512mb RAM PC2700
When outside of CS, do a ctrl+alt+del and see if there is a program running that is hogging system resources.

My guess is maybe you have a virus or spyware that is hogging your system specs.


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Try running driver cleaner and reinstalling graphics card drivers. And I agree with xxfirebrandxx, or maybe even the ANTI virus or spyware is running, I have seen those kill systems too

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