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low dvd volume


hardware monkey
friend of mine just got an Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0. awesome board. i love q-fan!

anyway, he says his dvd volume is really low. he's tried all the soundstorm sliders. he's tried wmp9 and powerdvd. any ideas?
Try going into the control panel under "Sounds and Audio Devices", click "Advanced", make sure Windows knows what speaker configuration you have (e.g., 5.1 Surround, 2.1, Stereo). Then go into PowerDVD's settings and make sure that PowerDVD, as well as the movie, are both set to your speaker configuration. Restart, and hopefully it should be fixed.
Nah none of that makes a difference... however...

Update: I just noticed it's not just DVDs, but all video files which seem to have low volume...


NTFS Stoner
try running dxdiag from the run command and running the direct-x sound and music tests. make sure you have the latest drivers as well.


hardware monkey
nvidia took off their 2.41 nforce drivers and reverted back to 2.03 because of an ide problem. so hopefully future versions will have an audio fix.
Oh! I just had that low DVD volume problem [tonight!], and I unchecked a box called "Send 0.1 (LFE Subwoofer) to Speakers/Headphones". Instantly, my volume went back up. I'm using WinDVD, by the way. Maybe there is a similar setting in the program you are using.


hardware monkey
problem solved.

it was all in a configuration tab in powerdvd:

i was on a3d/directsound3d... but now on normal stereo it's fine. and since wmp is using powerdvd's decoder, the option affected it also. he says he thought he tried all those modes before, but apparently not.

not sure how areal3d or directsound3d would be used in dvd watching, anyway? :confused:

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