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low budget sound card

im trying to get a better sound card and speakers, but i'll worry about speakers later.. my sound card is from 1998, and it sucks the monkey butt. just wondering whats good for around 50 bucks?

thanks guys, i know you wont let me down.
You might wanna try to get an OEM version of the Soundblaster Live! 5.1. In The Netherlands they are sold for around 40 euros, which is about 38 dollars
would an Audigy card be better? i might plan on scouring ebay.

also, i would rather spend more on a 2.1 and have great quality, than spend the same on a 5.1 crappy quality.


All the hercules use up more CPU cycles than a Creative does.

Turtle Beach's are pretty good from what i hear but i'm sitting on a nice and plain SB Audigy which sounds awesome to me =)

Not like i'm using Sennheiser's to listen to my music or anything.

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damnit get an audigy 2 you infidels

they rock, and come with a s****y extra sb1394 port (firewire)
which really compliments my zen:)


Originally posted by XP Abuser
damnit get an audigy 2 you infidels

they rock, and come with a s****y extra sb1394 port (firewire)
which really compliments my zen:)
Yeah we will all run out and buy audigy 2's as soon as you tell us where to get them for under $50.:p


The thing that you need to tell us is how much do you plan to spend on speakers? A SB Live 5.1 and a nice set of speakers will sound much better than an Audigy and some POS speaker setup. I guess my point is: Don't worry about spending the extra to get an audigy if it's going to cut down the amount you can spend on speakers...
I recommend the SBLive 5.1, a great card.
when the time comes, i plan on spending around 100 for speakers.. possibly just 2.1, maybe 4.1, but if i decide 5.1 (which im 90% sure i wont, i want surround with my tv before i get it with the freaking computer), i'd spend somewhere around 150-200


TerraTec Aureon Fun
The low-cost, power sound package that makes listening simply fun. Ideal for games, music and DVDs. With digital input and output, recording and playback at up to 48 kHz and absolute top sound quality on up to 6 channels. Includes EAX 2.0/1.0, A3D, I3Dl2, Direct Sound 3D and Sensaura 3D support.
6 discreet loudspeaker outputs for connecting standard loudspeaker systems
Optical digital output

Optical digital input
Output for 2, 4 or 6 (5.1) loudspeakers
AC3 output (Dolby Digital) and DTS option via digital output
3D sound is compatible with EAX 2.0, EAX 1.0, A3D 1.0, I3DL2, DirectSound 3D and Sensaura 3D
I have the TerraTec Aureon Space 7.1. My opinion it produces a better sound quality and performance than the Audigy 2. With that the Aureon Fun is an excellent card to check into.

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Originally posted by SnookBooger
Get M-Audio Revolution 24 bit. Note: Audigy 2 is not really 24 bit.
WTF is it then.

im sure your getting it mixed up with the audigy 1 that only had 96khz audio from spdif socket

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