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Low 9700 Pro scores...

My friend just bought a 9700 Pro so I told him to do some 3D Marks(2001SE)...

His main specs are a 2.5 P4 with 512 DDR...

The problem is, he's only getting scores around 7500 which I know is way lower than it should be... I already told him to turn off AA and AF, told him to turn image and mipmap quality to best performance, and to turn off vertical sync... he already has the 3.6 drivers and 3DMark is running at 1024x768... I'm guessing there's a critical ATI setting I don't know about... any suggestions?
Ok, nevermind, I didn't know that ATI has seperate AA/AF settings for Direct 3D and OpenGL... he had only turned off the ones for OpenGL... thanks anyway guys =)
Make sure you turn off Vsync for the testing too. Otherwise the refresh rate of your monitor limits your score. Turn vsync back on when doen to prevent picture tearing in some games.

PS Never trust a single benchmark. Look at the range of scores from all the posts. Ignore the unbelievably high ones. Those are usually one time shots with extreme overclocking.

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