LOTR keeps crashing during game play


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13 Nov 2007
I have LOTR Baddle for mid earth, and it keeps on crashing. It's on a Windows 2k, P4 Processor, Diamond Video lo-g card. The req. are fine, and i met all of them. People are sayin its a crappy game anyway. Advice?:suprised:
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What is a "Diamond Video lo-g card" exactly? I have never heard of such a thing, is it an integrated video adapter?
Diamond multimedia used to make 3DFX and S3 based graphics adapters.
I have heard of Diamond before, its more the "lo-g" part that confused me. Assuming it is a 3Dfx or S3 based video card then it would not surprise me if the video card was not compatible with that game. I believe all 3Dfx and S3 cards where OpenGL and Glide only compliant, I'm 80% guessing though. The game is a Direct3D title, most likely DirectX 8 or possibly 9... so its probably to new for your antiquated video technology. :p

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