After watching the Season 4 Finale I have this to add to the discussion. :) The episode had it highs and lows. but the emotional ride delivered. there are so many new tangents and angles and new questions that is gripping. points of discussion: some taken from the Tail Section

  • Locke changing his name to "Jeremy Bentham" was without question to protect himself the island and the O6. but as we can see the outcome was not good for Locke.
  • Locke leaving the Island, How Locke got off the island remains a mystery, as do the terrible events that he apparently described to Jack.
  • Is jacks Father "Jacob" or simply a "messenger" for him?
  • Hurley was playing chess with Mr. Eko!
  • Now that Ben is planning to kill Charles Widmore's daughter, we have no idea how things will end up for Desmond.
  • I say Jin is still alive!
  • what are the terrible happenings that are going on the island that Locke had to leave?
  • What is Suns motives with meeting with Widmore?
  • Clare visitng Kate in a dream or was it? warning her not to bring back Aaron

EDIT NOTE: It's a promo for the Comic Con which is in San Diego during those dates. the commerical that aired the last 5 mins of the episode. i was hoping it was for some new clues about the show. :(


Alternate endings were filmed to try and put off the spoilers, GMA will be airing them this morning i will post when they are available :)

Awesome episode!!!!!!
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i reckon locke had to move the island and thats why he was off the island
He may be commenting on something we don't know yet :)
im on about he might have done it in a future ep, as ben said once you move the island you cant go back, and the island was stopping people dying yet you see Locke dead, so maybe he had to leave the island after moving it, he couldn't cope and killed himself
I have to say, I was somewhat underwhelmed after the episode. Locke has a different name? Everyone called him by John the whole show, even his mom, his dad, his almost wife (Married with Children FTW!!)

Still, should be a rockin next season - moving the island was awesome! What does Sun want with Whitmore?


I believe the change in Locke's name was only the name they (the Oceanic 6) called him. It was a name Locke took when he visited the world outside the island - obviously, if he was out in the world, he couldn't use the name Locke because someone (Whitmore) would trace it back to who he was. When Sayid came to to get Hurley, Hurley came close to calling him Locke (or John) when Sayid stopped him. I believe this was, again, a protection thing for the people left on the island.

As for Sun, my belief is it's a revenge thing against Jack. When she took over her fathers company, she mentioned to her father, that she holds 2 people responsible for Jin's death. One was her father and so she took away control of the company from him. In this episode, Jack mentions that Sun blames him for "..." which is assumed to be the death of Jin.

Now, throughout the show, it is implied that Locke had visited all (or most) of the survivors. Sayid came to get Hurley, Jack mentioned he had talked to him, Claire visiting Kate saying "you can't bring him back" seems to mean that Locke had visited Kate telling her she had to go back (Why was Kate saying "sorry" to Aaron?).

So, if Locke had managed to visit all of them, it could be assumed that he visited Sun as well. Sun also probably knows of Jack wanting to go back as well as Whitmore's obsession with the island. My theory is that Sun is going to play both sides and try to lead Whitmore to either Ben or the Island ("we have mutual interests") and strike back at the 2nd person that she blames for her husbands death (ie: Jack).

Remember, Ben and company could move on and off the island - like when they recruited Juliet, or when Richard Alpert was in the hospital when Locke was born and later to "test" his ability.. it's no mystery really that Locke was off the island if he had a purpose - in this case to push them to return. It's implied that he had visited them before this time too (thus the reason all of them knew the fake name).
Damn you and your amazing insight skills Fitzy!!

Hah! Not just mine.. my wife and I discussed much of it last night.. with each of us building on each others theories :)
he means she did all the work and he comes on here and makes out it was him :p
Two more seasons to go! Best show ever.

$5 that Locke will come alive when they take his corpse back to the island
OoOooooOOh I will have to watch this when I'm home and it's not blocked :D

Is there a date yet - I think I heard early '09 last I looked.
Awesome videos - really enjoyed them and the next season looks great!
I really hope this is a good season. If it doesn't get better ratings, it's going to be around forever and there are A LOT of storylines they need to wrap up. LOL

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