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Lost internet connection after installing NU2002




I installed NU2002 yesterday and lost my internet connection through one gateway, but works through another gateway. The problem is XP can't get a response from the gateway, which works fine (tried my neighbour's). I have tried swiching back and forth between the gateways, uninstalled the network card, disabled the connection and repaired.

I connect to the internet through a LAN and can connect though a fast university gateway and a slow commercial gateway. I lost my university connection, and would like to get it back without reinstalling Windows XP.

This problem has occurred before with EZCD Creator, where I ended up reinstalling Windows XP. I have uninstalled and system restored, but it did not help. Are there anyway to get it working without reinstalling?

commercial gateway:
university gateway:


Don't know if you made up those IP addresses or not, but appear to be on the same subnet ID. If that is the case, you might take a look at the metric configuration. That is what forces your computer to use one gateway over another.

A reinstall is rather drastic for this. It probably just a configuration setting that is messed up.

It would be helpful to see you configurations. If you would to provide them in a private message instead of posting them, I may be able to help more.

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