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Boogie Nights...!
5 Jul 2002
Anyone else seen it?

Watched it last night and absolutely loved it....great little story, great sound track...and, my god, Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous!!

5/5 for me!
Saw it at the cinema a while ago. Absolutely brilliant film. loved every second of it. Really well underplayed by the actors

And yes Scarlett Johansson is hot :)

5/5 (Bring on the Oscars!!)
Saw it quite a while ago, absolutely superb. I don't think that some people will like it though.

Agreed about Scarlett, ****ing gorgeous :D :D
Wow....am I the only one who hated that movie? I had to shut it off mid way through because I was so extremely bored. If it were possible, I'd give it negative stars.
Yes you are the only one...in the world... feel ashamed :p
Yes! Feel ashamed...then when you're over that...feel ashamed once more. ;)
Maybe because I'm not a Bill Murray fan...not sure. Although I did like Groundhog Day. :D
That movie was amazing. The most amazing thing was their ability to create a relationship between a 22 yr old woman and early 50's man and not have the cinema viewers cringe at it. It seemed normal.
While im here...that cool song at the start of the film as he's coming in to the city.... it's Death In Vegas - Girls
The music in the strip bar is: Peaches - F*** the pain away

Blatant Thread Resurrection :D But the DVD just popped through my letter box *does a little jig*

But I'm just on my way to work, talk about bad timing :p


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I'm going to wait until I can get it for $10/4£ from the local video store. :D

Been thinking of buying Bend it like Beckham as well, check it out if you haven't seen it.
I was going to wait, but it was £7.99 delivered :D couldn't resist.

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