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Ok, retard that I be, when I was downloading a zip file the other day I believe I accidentally unchecked the tab for "always ask when opening this type of file" or whatever, so now when I click on a zip file (.zip ext. only) instead of bringing up the standard open/save dialog where I can choose a download directory, it just begins saving to a temp. directory. Granted, "Save Target As" works 90% of the time when it's a simple .zip link, but this is eternally irritating, and I have never been able to figure out how to get it back how it was (CS Major at a Tech school can't fix a simple dl problem... go figure) :) Please help! My future downloading depends on it!!

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I'm not sure if this is a fix or not, but it's worth a try. Go to tools> Internet Options> 'security' tab. Hit the button 'default level.' See if that helps. Check out the attachment to see what my default is set at.
Thanks for the tip Lonman, but unfortunately that didn't solve my problem. All of my zones are custom anyways to ensure the highest level of security, while still functioning how I want them to. This .zip dl problem sucks because when a dialog box has one of those "always ask" questions and you accidentally uncheck it, it's [seemingly] impossible to restore it. Or so I have seen. :)

Do you know if there's a way to "restore" the default actions for dl'ing files from IE, b/c maybe then it will reset this for me? I also checked through the registry but couldn't find any noticable sections that would affect whether a open/save dialog is prompted for certain file type downloads.

Gadzooks! I have fixed it!

In case any others come across a problem similar to my own, here is how I restored the open/save dialog to prompt me again:

in TweakUI (2.0 for XP, of course), under the Common Dialogs Tab, there is a checkbox for "Remember Previously-Used Filenames" .... well this sounds like an in-line filename completer when you are saving files, but I thought, what the hell. So I unchecked it, and wouldn't you know it, clicked on a zip file and it prompted me to open/save, and I nicely rechecked the "always ask" box. :) Afterwards I rechecked the box in TweakUI, and zip files still dl'ed all nice and proper. Yay.

Much Peace and Monkey Grease,

OMightyManII, Master of Problem-Solving :)
Ok, funny situation, I THOUGHT my problem was under control and no longer an issue, but apparently only a few .zip files defied convention and downloaded normally. So, my present dilemma stands as is. I must ask, WHY?!? AHhhhhh!!!! Me needs the assistance....
Thanks Khayman, that solved my problem completely (or so it seems) :). You are the man!

Much Peace and Monkey Grease,

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