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Lossless MP3 Ripper


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I like WMP9 lossless WMA Cd ripper, because there is no quality loss. The problem is, that it only rips to the WMA format. Anyone know of a cd ripper that does that same, but in mp3 format? Preferably free.



I may actually be insane.
The WMA lossless ripping is just creating very mildly compressed files, which results in a rather large rip. Basically the same as ripping an ogg with a quality setting of 10 or an mp3 at 320k (the high quality settings for both formats)


I may actually be insane.
That's only to my knowledge, someone may know more details on teh technical side of it. Personally I'm more than content with an ogg at quality 5.


Monkey Audio is what you need then.
  • http://www.monkeysaudio.com/
EAC and CDex work very well as far as mp3 ripping, they both have secure encoding, eac is called secure and cdex is paranoia.. The sound quality is very good. What you are talking about as far as lossless is what they would term as -alt-preset consisting of diff streams that take the silence out ..

for example:
if you have it set to one of the following parameters it would fluctuate as far as kb goes
  • -alt-preset standard, fast standard, extreme, fast extreme, it would fluctuate between 128k and 320k (each setting being a higher standard and bigger file size
  • -alt-preset Insane would have set at constant 320k
  • -alt-preset ABR would fluctuate it between 64k and 320k
  • -alt-preset CBR would have it set to whatever you have it at constant (so if you had it set to 128 it would be at 128) last time you ran it ..
I hope this helps .. another note that this only works with lame .. Look at the monkey audio site also ..



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