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Losing my connection to the Internet



I boot my machine from a cold startup, win xp starts. I launch my browser, connection established to the internet over DSL. I can't
really explain this, but I'll lose my connection for no apparent reason. No other applications running. I restart the computer boots succesfully launch Internet Explorer connection to web established.

It seem intermitten, I do not understand it.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best regards,



What provider? What type of dsl? PPPoE? Check tools/internet options/connections/lan settings/ and make sure that auto-detect settings is unchecked.
NAV 2002 was the culprit in my case. My dsl connnection would bomb and I had to reboot several times and/or 'repair' the connection over and over. I uninstalled NAV and now everything is cool again.

da rock

yeah i had the same prob and i was running nav 2002,like Lonman i uninstalled it and my dsl was a happy camper! of coarse
i'm now looking for a anti virus program that will workand hoping
norton will come thru w/ a patch!


Originally posted by mefast
but I'll lose my connection for no apparent reason. It seem intermitten, I do not understand it.

I was having a similar problem with my cable connection, and i think it was my NIC. It was an old one with no new drivers so i bought a new one and it seems to be ok so far. See if you can find an updated driver for your NIC.

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