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Losing Internet Explorer while surfing?



Hello, It seems everynight after surfing for a good 3hours or more i would start clicking to the next web page and all of a sudden its says CANNOT FIND SERVER and no matter where i click on, a web page will say this, so i went back to my AOL SCREEN and tried to get on the web from there and it would say ACTION CANCELLED! Is this AOL cutting me off(it still seems i am connected) BUT my internet explorer NO LONGER works! After restarting each time this happens then everything works fine for another long time! Please let me know what you think, and Thank you, TOM


I was thinking the same thing, i wrote aol about this and they will probably deny it! but if anyone else has any other ideas please let me know, Also i know cookies can add up quickly but i tried to delete them and continue surfing but it did not work, i have to restart pc to get back to normal each time!
I think its AOL. My wife uses it extensively and it happens to her (especailly at peak times). AOL will stay connected and you can check your mail, but you cannot access any web sites. Ive even tried to access the AOL website with no-go. Usually she just waits long enough and it comes back.


Thats exactly what happens to me and your right especially at peak hours but i usually restart and get it back right away but after paying this kind of money for aol, you would think they would not do that! Does this happen a couple of times in one Night to you too, (not just once)?
Actually, Im not sure really how often it happens. My wife uses it more constantly for her games (damn slingo) so she notices it more. It does come back eventually. I just use it to check my mail and to work on my websites.

I think restarting AOL doesnt really help, it could be that by the time you reconnect to AOL it would've been ok anyway. Or restarting AOL creates a new (hopefully better) connection.

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