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LordofLA is da man!


Dabba Dooba
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Hey! I am here to say sorry to lord cause i blamed him of turning on us and using another forum but it come to find out it was the newsgroups thingy but it came up on google and didnt know it was on here too. He told me to say sorry and i am cause i am his Bitch :p. Anyway...i am sorry lord!
There's nothing wrong with being a part of other forums. :)
I can think of at least five other forums that I visit on a regular basis, although I admittedly don't post as much elsewhere.


Carbon based lifeform
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aahh kind of like the power word " be Gone?"

Ok, yes I did play dungeons and dragons, long time ago, really...


I may actually be insane.
LordOfLA said:
yes. His dial up will be hard pressed to ignore it :D

+++ATH0 is hard for a modem to ignore :p
Hahaha, you've just reminded me that ATH0 exists! and that TB uses dial-up... this is going to be fun

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