Lord Of the Rings



Lord Of The Rings is available to buy on Tuesday - YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!:D :D

Gonna be the first to pick mine up on DVD @ work - had it pre-ordered since as far back as I can remember.

It's finally here people!!



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Yes, my kids are also excited about it coming out Tuesday.

I like the car in the background, when frodo and sam are in the field, big time blooper.



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yeah I liked resident evil too... BUT I suppose you have to be a hardcore fan of resident evil and not such a fan of 'rings fare to not like rings...

LoTR is perhaps one of the best adaptations I have ever seen from books to screen... only complaint will be in the 2nd one from what I can tell... they are moving one of the vital parts of the 6th book from the 2nd movie to the 3rd movie...

but I can't care less... so long as the flow is there :)

btw milla jovovich has HOT legs... :)

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The Matrix was the DVD I waited for the most... Fortunatly I only had to wait 2 months or so between the time I saw it in UK cinemas and the US DVD release :)

After Minority Report next.


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Originally posted by catch23
Putting a book on screen is boring...they need to come up with a plot that follows alongside the books (and/or other resources) but make it different...Resident Evil did that perfectly
Depending on what kind of book I suppose. Making a film out of Wilbur Smith's books would be interesting - The Seventh Scroll perhaps? He is one of those writers who cram his books with huge amount of detail, that only help to envelop you into the story.

Of course, if such a film were to be tranposed to the silver/digital screen as the book intended (i.e. no editing) then you would have a film that's 6 - 7 hours long, which even when extended into a trilogy, you would still see discrepancies between the book and film - Steven King's "The Shining" for example, a great book, but the film (Jack Nicholson's 70's movie not the recent remake), was missing huge amounts of the film. Too often writers have to make compromises when moving their book into the movie industry.


i'm reading the book for the first time right now! Its completely diffrent then the movie1 Many changes were made lots of stuff cut out! But I still can't wait till the movies out!!!

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IMHO anyone who buys this DVD double set is an idiot (hehe) as in a few months a new version will be released with 4 DVDs. I recommend that you wait and just rent this double disc set.


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Apparently the November 4-cd release will contain 30 minutes additional footage cut from the film. Can't wait, the work they've done on the updated engine used in the battle sequences, is unbelievable! Those of you who have seen the preview of Two Towers, will have seen the footage on this - it has to be seen to be believed! :)


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I think that they did a fantastic job adapting Tolkien's work to the big screen. I've read the books and i think that it was fine. sure you have to move somethings, because people don't have the paitence with movies as they do of books, as is my understanding anyway. I'm still waiting for The Two Towers with baited breath.

they are moving one of the vital parts of the 6th book from the 2nd movie to the 3rd movie
what book are you refering to when you say the 6th book?

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