Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

I'm sure a lot of you folks have already watched the flick. Not sure if a thread was created for it before the database went b0rk, but I was curious to know people's opinions.
I was in India when it was released here in the US, so I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Heard it's quite mind-blowingly good though. Planning on going for it this weekend.

Any NTFS reviews until then? :D


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this movie rocked perfect ending for the trilogy. The fight scenes are just amazing but cant believe everyone died.... ;)
Yeah, i would say this is my favourite out of the three as well, can you belive that - a sequel thats actually good. (Damn you Matrix - Damn you to Hellll ;) )

The bit where the Elephonts come over the hoizon and they all go charging after them - WHOA!!!


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I can't wait for the 4th one to come out... sauron strikes back :D

gonna be a bloody classic that one...


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no really, they made it look as if there going to make a fourth one! They did leave alot of stuff out, if u think about it.


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Totaly rocked my world :)

btw the forth one will be the Hobbit (technicaly a prequal but still) :) comming our way in 3-5 years :)


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Personally, I'd like to see them make The Sil Marillion, not necessarily before the Hobbit, but definitely at some point.
That would tie the whole story up.

@0_87: Dunno, but I can't believe he's the same director who made "Bad Taste".
If you haven't watched that, then you should!

It's an older film of his (1of the first I think) and was made using a cast of regulars from his local pub. The acting and make-up is terrible, and he has a mjor role himself hehe.
It's an incredibly sick and gory sci-fi(?) cult classic, that'll let you appreciate how far he's come ;) :cool:


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Oops! back on topic...
Watch The Return Of The King if it's the only 1 of the 3 you do.
It's by far the best of the 3 in that "Empire Strikes Back
was the best of the first StarWars trilogies :cool:" kinda way...if you know what I mean :confused:


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The Silmarillion would be cool, but its defiently a less approcahbale story to people who are not fans of all the complicatied history


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True I s'pose, it is a kind of "You need to have read the book 1st" scenario
But it would be interesing, if perhaps after the hobbit, they tried tackling it.


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silmarillion would REALLY push the envelope specially considering the sheer mass of CGI characters... someone I know suggested it may be released like the animatrix.. in a series of shorts instead of one big movie since its not really a true story... more like an anthalogy..

the hobbit is under consideration... peter jackson said he is trying to get the rights to make a movie though this will likely not occur soon he said...

btw we had a couple of really active threads on ROTK :) also a review thread..

I will post again what I posted then.. did anyone else notice how frodo lies on the slopes of mount doom lamenting to samwise about not being able to eat/drink/feel the grass under his feet et al... and all the while there is a lovely green patch of grass nought but a few feet away in CLEAR sight on the slopes of mount doom ?


it cracked me up even though the scene was otherwise excellent :)

and yes... scouring of the shire and samwise's tenure as 'mayor' of the shire and his eventual departure to join frodo et al was not shown... and I really missed the end of saruman's role in the fight for middle earth (his eventual scouring was not quite of the same magnitude)


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ok well the movie was amazing but considering how horribly they trashed some of the biggest parts of the book I was a little dissappointed. The dead men never fought in the last battle and you never got to see the power of the standard that Aragorn got from Arwen. I can go on and on so if you guys want me to I will. I did love the movie but was way off from the book compared to the other two movies.
As for Peter Jackson before LOTR he made some horrible movies and could be classified as borderline insane. If anyone has seen Meet the Feebles( a puppet movie) and Dead ALive which is a piece of ****...Also I have learned that the son of Tolkien does not want to have the hobbit made into a movie because he says that a movie would not be able to do the books justice. The only reason why we had a chance to see the LOTR trilogy is because his dad JRR sold the rights for the movies for 15.000 pounds a while back. SO it might be hard for Jackson to get the rights of the movie.

If you all need me to continue with any of this I would be happy to but I need to buy more cigarettes. Damn Sexy Cancer Sticks!


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the silmarillion would be nearly impossible to do to add just because of the magnitude of the amount of characters and wouldn't really flow in the idea of a movie/plot setting

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