Loosing connection to Cable Modem, On Rsume from Hibernation/Standby.


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17 Mar 2007
Hi all
When my Windows-XP-SP2 PC is started (power-ON boot) to resume from a previously Hibernated state, I am not able to regain a successful network connection to my DOCSIS Cable modem, connected thru wired-LAN. So I am unable to get internet connection in that session. The problem persists even with a power- recycle of cable modem. Only way to restore normalcy & get back network connection is to shutdown & re-start the PC. But then I forgo the advantages of Hibernation facility.

Mine is a single PC (not using ICS), and connects directly to the cablemodem. In the above stated problematic state, the windows network is not able to obtain a proper DHCP (global) address from the ISP-server thru the cable modem. But the cable modem status lights indicate everything ok, including down-link negotiation success. The PC-network status reports the same local IP address always, as acquired thru DHCP! Also this address do not change even with cable modem power recycle, or Network-connection Disable/Enable. As mentioned above problem vanishes only with a total shutdown reboot.

AMD Atlon 2400+PC, 256MB Ram running Windows XP-SP2. My PC acesses internet directly thru cable modem.
The reported problem is a recently developed problem.-some months back, even though i could not identify which software/configuration created it.

Can some expert help me solve this issue?
regards valmiki
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17 Mar 2007
Kcnychief, Thanks for your response.

It sounds like your network card is shutting off during hibernation.

Network Card shutting off must not be an issue. Infact indeed it must shutoff. Because during (after) hibernation, the power to the entire system is removed, by switching off external utility supply. The system state for the future resumption is maintained in the hiber.sys file, not in any non-volatile memory. So essentially I fail to understand your point !

I am intrigued at where it is getting the same DHCP address always. The Network properties dialogue (attached picture ) always shows the same entries when error- except for the 2 lease entries.

regards ajit


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25 Jan 2003
The problem is with windows and the NIC card. I have the same issue and the only solution I have found is power down the computer.

When windows powers up it gets an active address from the NIC. If anything happens to kill the NIC the address becomes invalid. I've used ipconfig and other methods to no avail to try and reconnect.

If the problem is in the modem or a router then I have had some success getting a renewed connection by reseting those devices.

The way Windows handles the NIC interface just does not support power loss to the NIC.

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23 Jun 2004
Re: Loosing connection to Cable Modem, On Resume from Hibernation/Standby.

Someone may want to edit out his MAC address from that picture.

Is this onboard NIC or separate network card?

I have a Intel Pro 100 card and this never happens to me even if using S3 standby or hibernate.


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17 Mar 2007
Thanks LeeJend & American Zombie.
The problem is with windows and the NIC card. I have the same issue and the only solution I have found is power down the computer.

Are you sure about this LeeJend? When you say that you have the same issue, are you also getting the very same IP address value( for your Network, during the problem state (i.e. after hibernation-resume).

I am intrigued by this IPaddress value , from where this value is coming. A google search on this IP value did not return any pages. As in the attached picture in my earlier post indicates, this address it is getting by DHCP, not even by the "Alternate Private IP address" configured in windows. So my reasoning was that this should be coming from my modem. Even though I do not know why, its local address being "," when it is functioning normally.

So I was nearly concluding the problem is with my modem. But if LeeJend has the same problem with very same IP address (, then it is a clue for me.
Can u pls respond?

Thanks & regards

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