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Looking to use FRAPS for WoW, a couple of questions...


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Since I'm playing WoW more and more, I'm becoming more interested in recording videos using Fraps. My system isn't the greatest, but it seemed to run fine when I was recording using the "free" version. I have a couple of questions in regards to Fraps, so hopefully you Frapsters (lol) can shed some light on them.

1) The "free" version. I know that this adds the www.fraps.com banner on top of videos, but does it also limit your recording time to 30seconds?

2) After recording a 30 second video (and the game performance wasn't too bad), I came out with a 200mb file. I don't recall if I attached sound to it or not. I know that I'm going to have to compress the files afterwards using another application. What free applications are there that do a phenomenal job of compressing them, keeping the quality but drastically reducing the size?

3) Fraps doesn't have a "benefits of full version" page that I was able to locate. If I was to get the full version, what benefits am I looking to gain from?



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I have the full version of Fraps and believe me, it is worth it if you are going to want to start recording videos.

1. The limit is 30 seconds and it is resolution limited, plus it has a banner.

2. FRAPS always records completely uncompressed.

Use VirtualDub or something similar to convert to a regular AVI file. MAKE SURE that you have Divx (latest) installed. Select the codec while converting/compressing otherwise you'll have a gigantic file sitting there. Check out the TDU / Test Drive page for a few videos I posted on Youtube.

3. Longer videos, all options available, more resolutions, capture options and things of that nature. Doesn't seem like a lot but if you are into recording things and game a lot or want to just grab caps of whatever, you can with Fraps :D Plus it is now completely Vista compliant.

So far, some of the common-use applications I have purchased are:

Quicktime (bloody waste of money, except for the added "editing" features. So yah, waste of money lol).

FRAPS (well worth it in my book)

UltraMon (can't live without it on dual-display setups, very well worth it)

Everest (again, can't live without it and it integrates perfectly onto my G-15 keyboards LCD screen, perfection ;) )


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Ultramon :up:

I tell people about that whenever I see a poor soul with a dual+ mon setup not using it.


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Yah, I am done with the whole dragging/dropping of windows from one display to the next.

Honestly though, I wish windows had a better multi-display management system. It's highly unlikely that the coders are using just a single display for all their work :)

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