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Looking to get a new phone


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Hey guys I'm ready to get a new phone. I stuck it out with the razr for a while and its pretty much wacking out on me now. The sounds for the speaker kept going in and out.

Phones I been looking at are the
RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 - silver (Verizon Wireless)

and the

Motorola Z6c world edition- black (Verizon Wireless)

What phone do you think is better or recommend


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I am certain that someone will beg the differ, but I can't stand RIM's user interface. I find it difficult to navigate and confusing to use.


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yeah i noticed that too, but thought it was just because i was new to that type of phone. I'm sure i can get used it if i mess with it a few days.


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RIM sucks - get a Windows Mobile device it is so much better. Seems to give flexibility too because a lot of e-mail clients are friendly with it.


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yup... i think im just going to get the Motorola Z6c world edition- black (Verizon Wireless), always liked moto phones
technokid, I am not so sure about that Z6c due to the calamities that Moto has been going through. Have you heard? Moto is shifting all kinds of top level people in their company and, personally, that does not look too good in my book. I have given up on Moto since the class action lawsuit with the Moto V710. Dont get me wrong it was an awesome phone but Moto just blew it with VZW on that one. I have been more for LG phones after that scuffle with Moto. I am going to wait until my new every two kicks in for a new phone in June/July. Maybe, by then, they will have new phones.

Just my two cents, kid.


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The VX6800 is rock solid (HTC product). The Palm 700W is also rock solid. Larger than a BlackBerry (slightly anyway), but Windows.


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Never liked Palm devices. I own a Palm and the entire thing blows. After a year or so of service whenever it is turned on it makes a high pitch noise as if a resonator is not functioning correctly, and eventhough it was under warrantee at the time Palm refused to fix it.

What do you need your phone to do? That is the first and foremost important question.

If I am going to give you a blind device to use, the iPhone would be it. Now that the SDK is out into the hands of developers we are going to see some awesome apps available for it. The Nokia N82 or N95 is also really cool.


Having played with the Nokia N82 I can tell you it is an absolutely awesome phone.


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Well just want good calling capability thats it. Don't really need a pda phone. Either way i already made my purchase of the Motorola Z6c world edition phone, it comes in at 3pm tomorrow.

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