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looking more like OS X than ever before


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This might be of interest to all of you OS X emulator-freaks out there. :p It's a mod pack that makes XP look almost exactly like OS X Panther.

The system modification pack includes:
  • Modded System Files.
  • Updated versions of Danimator's Panther and Jaguar Windowblinds 4.3 Skins.
  • Updated versions of Danimator's iChat and iChat-AV skins. (Including real iChat sounds and Emoticons). iChat Jaguar by Little_Tiger is included.
  • Real Panther sounds.
  • Real Panther cursors.
  • Real Panther screensaver.
  • Apple Dvdplayer skin for Windvd 5 or 6.
  • Panther skins for NeXplorer 1.90 and 1.87.
  • Aquadock 1:1 Panther Dock BG.
  • Fonts

See attachments below for screenshots.

Download: http://gede.bounceme.net/pack/pack1.0.zip - Might be down.
Mirror:] - Might be down.
Updated Mirror (as of 7/26): http://starfleetplatoon.com/~sfp/WhiteDove/Danimator.rar


Saw this over at Aqua-Soft some time ago. Looks like a nice pack.
I remember Stefanka and Flyakite released similar complete system-file replacement packs. I used Flyakite's pack for quite a while before I reformatted my machine last month.
I've moved past the 1:1 emulation craze now though.

I still use a lot of OS X like apps/skins though...but only if they are actually functionality enhancements rather than just looks. I gave up things like the Finder clones etc for now, since Windows Explorer with the tree navigation and address bar, for example, is so much more functional for me, personally.
Flyakite is also working on version 6.0 of his pack. 5.1 already included a nifty little installer that made complete backups of all the files it replaced, so reverting back was as easy as uninstalling the pack from Add/Remove Programs.
v6.0 aims to add some more checks, so that the installer replaces only files that have the same version (i.e. same Windows Updates patches/service packs have been installed) to prevent messing up the entire system due to incorrect system file versions.


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Well I can't seem to download this anyways, the links don't work anymore :( I guess I might as well wait for 6.0. Do you know when it might be coming out?


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This whole thing is great, but if you really want to get that much looking and feel of a mac. You might as well buy a mac. lol For all you rich people lol


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why bman :)

why not make it look nice and pretty w/o shelling out top-dollar for proprietary crap :cool:


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mmm, man if I had the money to buy one of those systems I would. I would keep Windows XP, but have fun and fool around with the mac. I was never a fan of there products and such, but lately I have grow fond of them. They just look to tooo nice!!

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