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6 Mar 2002
An animation (gif) image of the moving blocks you see beneath the Windows XP logo in the boot screen. Thanks ;) (it doesn't matter of it's the blue or green version)
with bootxp you can get the image of the blocks, then you can let it move by adding animation to it...
OK, I extracted it, but when I open it, I see a black block, no colors at all. Why is this?
you can try to make it ble/green, by playing with the rgb channels maybe...
ok you need to view it in an animation program like ImageReady. In anything else it only shows a static image. Neither MS Paint or PSP handle frames. I think there is an animation program that comes with PSP but i dont know what its called.
Alright. I opened it up in Animation Shop 3 (what the program is called), but still, a static black image. After close examination, this image should not be the complete progress bar, but only the 3 blue (XP Pro) squares that move sideways in a white outlined field. When I extracted it in BootXP, it extracted it as a BMP file. When I rename it to gif or png the file still comes out black.
upload the original image... I can not follow what you are doing.
ok... *.bmp's are not animations... you need to upload a *.gif or other image type that does animation.
Well, that's the problem. BootXP (the program I used for extraction of the bootfiles) only extracts the images as a BMP. As I said in my earlier post, it seems that the progress bar consists of 2 images, a background and the three little dots that move sideways. When I open the file with the three little dots, I get a black image, with the correct dimensions.
better late then never...the reason you get a black box instead of the image is because the XP bootscreen uses a non-standard palette that PSP and PS do not ship with. You can download them somewhere on the net

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