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Looking For World of Warcraft


OSNN One Post Wonder
:cry: I am a new player in world of warcraft, I need many items, but where can buy WOW Gold ? and I hope price low and delivery is efficient ,could you please give me an advice?[FONT=宋体, MS Song] [/FONT]


OSNN One Post Wonder
Re: Help!!Who can help me ??

I dont recomend buying gold online, it will ruin your gaming and also people can spot you a mile away, you will have alto of nice stuff and no clue how to play the game.

mysupersales.com is a pretty big distributer of items and money used in wow, and EQ etc etc.
Re: Help!!Who can help me ??

Suggest that u explore the game 1st, gain some levels and make some frenz.
Have own link-shell then start buying gold. Coz higher level items are definately more expensive.


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Re: Help!!Who can help me ??

I am almosty prepared to bet this is a SPAMmer thread - seems like any WOW one is these days...

if the poster comes back and can persuade me otherwise I'll apologise -but I have a massive hunch I will not need to!


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I thought this was a real thread...
Not a virtual gold threat...
WHo would waste there money!
i thought you were looking where to buy the game.....


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lancer said:
how about thread closed or deleted.
There WAS no need to close/delete the thread, because the person was looking for a place to buy a game online or B&M.

I have also cleaned up some posts in this thread that were simply not productive. You two know who you are, play nice.
THe best way I found was just to google for "wow gold cheapest" and look at all the sites. It fluctuates...some days one site sells twice as high as another on your server, then the next day it's just the opposite.

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