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Looking for Tv Tuner Card drivers


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I was given a tuner card to try. They did not have the software to go with it. It is a LG tuner card. I think it is model # Tapc-h701p. At least that is on the sticker on it the # below that is 007A1203. The part # is 7031991201, the Serial # is 21040011200. That is about all I know about it
Any Help would be Appreciated greatly.


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I have the exact same card and am also looking for these same drivers! I have searched high & low on the internet, and have yet to find anything! I tried calling LG tech support, but they suck and will not answer the phone! Any help is appreciated, as I am a n00b to this forum. Thank you.


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I'm going to ask the person that gave me the card if they can find the software disk if I get them I may be able to share it.


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Any updates regarding the drivers for this card? Still trying to find them somewhere, somehow. Any replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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maybe it was file not found, but it was a driverguide link, so if AZ can get back with the details that the friebnd used to search out the drivers that worked - then you should be able to find them there....

I use Winfast cards and a Haupage USB so I know the drivers for these things can be very fussy and the software complex - it is one of the few things I have not tried to get running on Linux.... so GL ;)

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