Looking For: The Last 2 Minutes Of The World Cup!

Electronic Punk

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Video to be honest ted :)
I actually missed them the first time as I was sure it would go to extra extra time and had to dash to work to catch the end :)

Those 2 minutes were the greatest sporting achievement in my lifetime :)
Every fell into place :D


Boogie Nights...!
Khayman said:
what the hell good is the audio with the video!
I trust you mean 'without' yes?

Well...audio is fine if that's all that was wanted. Really kinda depended what he needed it for right?

EP...i'll keep m'eyes open...will post back if i can find it!


Boogie Nights...!
OOooh....found this in the meantime!

"Sydney - The majority of England supporters will never see Jonny Wilkinson's World Cup winning drop goal on television again after the International Rugby Board whacked an enormous price on the event.

The IRB is charging £6 500 (about R71 000) a minute for footage of the final, prompting the BBC to ban showing England's greatest sporting moment in 37 years.

Most other British television stations will refuse to pay the exorbitant fee which applies to any footage under 60 seconds.

The BBC has only showed still images of the final in reporting the triumphant return of the England players to London earlier this week. Only ITV, which paid £10 million for the rights to the World Cup, has been able to show scenes from the final once the tournament finished.

Access to footage for TV news expired 24 hours after the final, with all video now the property of the IRB.

Video footage of games from every World Cup, apart from the 1987 tournament, are owned by the IRB.

"It's quite outrageous that the IRB should try to make capital out of Jonny's moment of glory. Just when everyone is getting excited about rugby, they go and ruin it," a BBC insider told British newspaper the Daily Star.

"The daft thing is that in the long term the IRB will lose out.""


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That pricing seems bizarre as I have in my hand the offcial RWC DVD (£10) which has extended highlights of the final and yes that very last play which EP strives to possess.

If only I had the software to extract such a short clip... *cough*
i saw in the dvd/music shop today that there is a highlights video for the whole world cup, which would be alright.
dont know why anyone here would want to buy it though, would make me cry.

Electronic Punk

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Yes, but I gotta dispute the fact that the directors of the world cup insist on charging me for the finest sporting moment of my lifetime.

Apparently its on bbc.co.uk somewhere.

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