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Looking for something that can batch resize images with windows


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Hey guys,

Since I've been with my girlfriend we've been taking a lot of pictures with the digital camera. I have been using Gimp to go through and resize all of them manually, however it's been a pain staking process. I have been searching on google for something that works with Windows, and is hopefully free (I find a lot of stuff that works for linux) that will go through and do a batch resize of images.

I found that there was a module for gimp for windows, however I get an error message whenever I try to install it and I'm having issues... some error message involving gimplib2.0-2.dll or something. Does anyone know of any free programs that will work with Windows XP, and are easy to use, that will allow me to do a batch resize on all of the images in a directory?



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I think right now I like the Microsoft PowerToy, that was definitely quick and painless. I've been hunting around on Google, thought I found something but when I resized the images they became pixelated. I'm going to be honest my boss told me about Picasa and I must say I'm highly impressed with that program, it's a shame it doesn't have batch resize... but this is quite as easy. Even my girlfriend can do it and she likes to. :)

Thanks guys.

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