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Looking for Simple Exchange tutorial.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey All,

Wondering if anyone knows of a great tut on setting up Exchange/Outlook2003 on SBS2003?

I am looking to set up users that I need to import into exchange.




Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks guys,

What I am trying to accomplish: Setup Exchange to receive mail from an existing server (mail.mydomain.com)

import the users from the workstation outlooks to the SBS2003 outlook so that their mail can follow them throughout the office (user@mydomain.com), whichever machine they logon to. The users have already regular user accounts in SBS2003.

I kinda hoped to have their whole desktop move with them, but that is not happening either.



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So, essentially you are going to turn the Exchange Server into a glorified POP3 relay?

Wouldn't web access through their ISP (mail.mydomain.com) be more practical? If you were going to setup Exchange at all, I would recommend hosting all mail services in house.

Just my .02


Overclocked Like A Mother
Well, they want to use their blackberries in that office, and the boss signed a three year contract with the domain provider to handle their email.

I did mention web access, but they want to use the shared calender/contact from the SBS2003. Boss doesn't like the web UI offered from the domain provider.

They are just making my days a little more interesting every day. LOLOL



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Regardless of cost, because it seems you already have a license, I actually use something called OfficeCalendar for sharing Contacts and Calendar items

Easy to setup, use and integrate. Saves the headache, overhead and expense associated with using, deploying and supporting Exchange for companies that are too small to really take advantage of it.

I have used it for about 1.5 years or so. The product and their support are great.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Great, Thanks,

I will push this onto the big guy tomorrow, see if he bites. I would rather go this way.

But they so hell bent on having their outlook follow them around the office, from workstation to workstation.



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How big is the office though? Is there really a need for them to be able to get instant access to their e-mail through Outlook on any machine in the office? Doesn't sound right for a company who outsources their mail hosting.

Perhaps you can suggest laptops?


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I'm confused so I'll just go with what I know.

Server: If you are putting an Exchange Server into play then all you need to do is configure the server, make sure the gateway/router is routing SMTP traffic to the server, change over the MX record, and start accepting email.

Client: Create a new profile (e.g. "Exchange") and setup the user. Import Outlook.pst (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) and go.

Blackberry Service/Server: No experience here so I can't help you with that. Windows Mobile is a better option, especially with Exchange.


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I would normally agree with you Matt, but since they don't host their own e-mail and apparently can't for three years, I'm not entirely sure that would work out for them. Unless they broke their agreement, they couldn't really setup an MX record in house, since they don't host and/or have the necessar access to their own domain.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks for the dialogue guys, really appreciate it, really do..............

I do see your point and totally agree with you, D. I am trying to convince the superiors that this is really not that feasible in thier setup. The owner is really adamant that this is worked this way so the network can grow with as the office grows.

I also really look forward myself to these challenges as I learn to setup this for my own information later. I am pretty excited that if this works, I did it myself (along with you guy's help, wink wink, LOL)

Thanks for pointing out the steps as well. I am looking forward to make this work.

This office has been quite an exciting challenge bringing together 15 standalone, spyware ridden, virus infected, corrupted workstations and setting up a SBS2003 as the central point.

I don't know how many times I can thank you guys for this help,



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That being said, it may also be worth it to have the guy bite the bullet and terminate his contract with his mail provider. But before you do that, make sure you have Exchange up, running and ready :p

IMO, they have to commit in one direction or the other. Exchange and host their own e-mail, or forget it about it for 3 years.


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agreed with KC. The very title of this thread "simple exchange tutorial" is a little misleading as Exchange can be anything buy simple to manage and setup.. really, any mail server can be a pain.

If you're not ready to host your mail, don't use exchange. :)

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