Looking for: Sennheiser HD497 Headphones


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Hi guys,

I've been trying to find some place to order these but every reputable place I try is sold out or they have refurbished ones.

I found a few sites that looked shady that had them but I stayed away. I've also tried looking through froogle and pricegrabber.

If I order them direct from sennheiser, they are an extra $35 :s

I think they may have been discontinued. Anyone have any ideas?


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I'd like to use eBay as a last resort (since I've never used it before), but it seems like I'll have to end up using it since no one seems to have them.


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I went through all of that, but then it checks the local store inventory, and the local store did not have any. Also, I checked at 2 stores ;p

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