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Looking for Room Layout Suggestions (Speakers/TV/PC)


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alright so a few months ago for my birth day my grandmother bought me a nice stereo for my birthday(i had a thread about this if you remember). i already had a x-fi so i now had a kick ass stereo. so my problem is where i sit while i play games is right in fromt of my desk by the monitior.( see picture below) this means i am sitting right in between the front right and center speakers. where i sit messes up the sound of the room.

so my origional idea to solve this problem was to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse and get a hd tv ( about 25-30 inches) to play my games on so i could sit in the middle of the room. the tv that i have right now is too small and crappy to really play computer games on so i wopuld need a new tv. i couldn't really sit back from my computer monitor as it is only 17 inches and would be way to small. i am open for sugestions for what you all would do in my situation.


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Re: sugestions?

1) Move the computer desk to the sound Apex.
2) Leave the computer and desk and get keyboard, mouse, monitor extender cables. They have them up to 20 feet long.

I know, it's too easy and inexpensive a solution. Let's see what everyone else comes up with.

Furniture layout would help (doors and windows too).


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Re: sugestions?

Why don't you just move the front right and left speaker in towards the center? Having them that far out you are losing separation, unless they are angled in toward the center of the room anyways. Picture the speakers as having a cone coming from them if they are all pointed straight ahead there will be gaps in coverage. The sweet spot will be in the center of the room where all cones meet.

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