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Looking for new hosting account, any suggestions?


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I'm looking into getting a new hosting account for a few of my sites. They kept crashing for too many connections. I'm really thinking about getting the Managed Server: QC Xeon 3220 2.4Ghz BW+ EM at midphase


Processor Intel Quad Core 'Kentsfield' Xeon 3220 2.4Ghz 2x4MB Cache
Bandwidth 10TB
CPU Cores 4x2.4Ghz
NIC/Port 1000Mbit
IPs 8
Data Center Softlayer

it will cost me like 214 bucks a month.

Anyone have any ideas or have used this one?


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How much traffic are you doing? How many connections? What were you previously hosting on? Have you tuned Apache? Have you tuned MySQL? Are you doing anything dynamics in nature, such as PHP scripts? If so have you properly tuned PHP, enabled opcode caching?

Rather than throw money at the problem, look at where the issues may lie and what possibly could be fixed before doing so. There is a lot of tuning that can go into these things, and that could get a lot more performance out of what you currently have for a server.


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I think a lot of it is the hosting company. They limit the connections and bandwidth, especially for shared accounts. That is the reason why mine is so slow. I call them and they are like it flies on this end, but on my end it takes about 30 seconds for the flipping page to come up and start to load!

My next one is going to be either a cloud host or a semi dedicated server. At least with that you won't have 10,000 people on the same server as you ..
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Yeah i have 1and1 shared hosting.. i know they are not the best, but how i did my connections to the database, it would handle fine, but i noticed a increase in traffic and more issues. They wont let you tweak anything on shared hosting. I already purchased the above managed dedicated account, and will be transferring over soon. Yeah I prob went a little overboard, but I plan on building a lot more site and most will have to have good database that can handle a lot of connections. Yeah 1and1 told me issue was with my shared hosting having php4 and told me to write in some code to a .htaccess file to fix the issue and make it php 5. I did that and it fixed the issue of error 500, but the shared hosting supported only saw the error of 500, and didn't see the first error of too many connections. I looked in my google analytics and saw there was a major spike in unique ips the 3 days I was having issues.

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