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Discussion in 'Macintosh' started by BillBrasky82, Feb 21, 2005.

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    I have an old 500Mhz dual usb snow ibook, it has a 10gb hard drive and a regular cdrom drive. I kind of want to buy a new powerbook but I cant really justify me spending the money on it so instead i want to upgrade the laptop i have. But i have some questions maybe you guys can anwser or point me in the right direction at least

    Can you use any 2.5" hard drives in the apples? Im looking for something with a heck of a lot more room than 10GB heh

    is it a pain in the rear to upgrade the cdrom and hard drive? I have found a few combo drives on ebay and wonder if its that difficult to change them out.

    anybody know a cheap place to get batteries? mine has been dead for quite some time and i need a new one

    Thanks for the help
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    HDD: Yes, you can. They're just computers, they take standard notebook hard disks. You could also go for the external drive option which saves a lot of faffing around with the internals.

    Optical: Yes, it is. The only component that is really supposed to be upgraded in iBook's is the memory, and it shows. It's possible, just not very easy.

    Battery: Not a clue, eBay, or google for "Mac Spares" There's a few places which retail reduce'd spare's for Mac's.