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Looking for CrossFire Help


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It'll work fine. It is ATI's own chipset. Since it will be your only GPU you need to put it in the "master" slot.


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thanks for the help.so i can later get a master card put it in master than use the other 1 in slave and have cross fire thanks.

plz help me will it work like that.the master cards cost to much at the miniute.
and is there i big difference in speed i pci-e way better then agp thanks for the help.

will it work on slave thanks.
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PCIe is the new standard. ATI and NVIDIA are no longer creating top of the line cards for AGP.

After further investigation ATI does offer CrossFire support for the X800 series. The link in my first post is for CERTIFIED CrossFire cards/configuartions. You need one of each of the following:

CARD ONE: Radeon X800, PRO, XL, GTO, XT, or XT Platinum Edition

CARD TWO: Radeon X800 CrossFire Edition

Although it is OPEN BOX this was the only match I could find for a CrossFire Edition card on Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102639R
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You'll have to browse around. Check out eBay and other e-tailers. The X800 series is older so you should be able to find it fairly priced.


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The video card you posted is not a crossfire master. It is "crossfire ready". You can use that card in any PCI-e motherboard by itself.

IF you can find an X800XL Crossfire Master then you could use the two cards in your ATI R200 MB and get a 20-50% performance increase depending on the game.

BUT There are vuirtually no X800XL Corssfire MAsters available. The two cards in crossfire would have cut into ATI's top end video card sales and been to expensive so they never produced many. There are lower speed X800 series cards that can be use in pairs for crossfire but the result is more expensive, noisier, more power hungry than a single higher performance card.

You may be able to get crossfire to work using two slightly different X800 cards but the result will perform like a pair of the slowest of the two cards.

Crossfire with X800 just isn't worth the effort.
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Personal opinion -
I'd go SLI. no master-slave confusion. Much more widely in use and accepted. no external cable to mess with. More cost effective price ranges to play with (ATI's mid range offerings are weak). Much wider selection of cards to choose from.

The latest NF4 SLI MB can be had for ~$50 now and it seems like SLI is almost standard with the nvidia MB's.

The SLI uses an internal jumper between the two cards. The jumper comes with the MB.


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I strongly recommend SLI as well, its a much more mature solution. Its been around for a while and most of bugs and kinks have been work out. Plus, Nvidia cards run cooler, and use less power so if you are going to have two cards this will help a lot with heat and the power bill.


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thanks for the help i just got this.

i will use my pci-e graphics card i have a 3.8 cpu as well would this setup be good. and 2gig memory 2xata seagate hard drive 80 gig xfi xtreame music.
had all the other stuff just bought the graphics card cpu and motherboard
have a 60 pound power surply as well.will wait to really good sli graphics card comes down in price.is pci-e way better then agp thanks.

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