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Looking for all XP updates


The Analog Kid
Some time ago, someone posted a link to a site that hosted all of the WinXP updates. I was wondering if someone could post that link or point me in the right direction. I will be losing my internet connection indefinitley in less than a week and would like to download all of the updates so I can have them on a disc if I decide to format.

(I'll be lucky if i can get a 28.8 dial up line to download SP1, and I don't even wanna think how long that will take.)

also, the regular window update sites have not been working for me for about a month and have yet to be able to figure it out. So I'm looking for a non-MS site to download them from.


The Analog Kid
ok, the problem with techspot is that it is only links to the MS site which doesn't wanna work!

What am I looking for at big fix? Can't quite figure the site out

but, wtf, why can't I get windows update to work

I've tried everything
changing lang to english
turning of pop up stopper
lowering all security setting
turning off firewall


1st ..some updates are linked to windows update, but NOT ALL of them are. (from techspot).

2nd.. when you goto windowsupdate, and have searched for updates (the bit where it tells you updates you need) there is a link labeled personalise.. click that and tick option, and click save button (on screen), then a new link will appear on the left which alows you to goto the corporate update, which lets you download ALL updates.


Why don't you call microsoft and have them fix windows update. They can tell you an alternative means of solving your problem. You still have 2 free support incidents, right? Microsoft gives you two support incidents for each installation.


OSNN Gamer
Originally posted by Powerchordpunk
Microsoft gives you two support incidents for each installation.
If the problem isn't solved you still have two
@ the end of each support call
REPLY - OMG its just blue screened or (rebooted)




buy multiple copies of xp to get more support incidents. Buy three copies, you have six support incidents. With XP pro, that would only be $600.

Hey don't they base how many support incidents you have left on the product id you supply? If only there were a way to get free product ids. Hmm.


I have the same problem with windows update, and it appears that a lot of others do to, I seem to have solved this problem by turning on automatic updates. I just have it set to, 'download updates and notify before install' and it works like a charm for me.
Ok, nothing works. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to download all the updates, zip them up and mIRC or AIM them to me? I'd be forever grateful. I am losing my net connection on monday.

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