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Looking for a site...

I like police chases very much. Especially the real ones. Now I know that in America are live policechases, does anyone know of a site that has collected these chases and publiced them on a website? I did several searches on google and kazaa, but no (or little) luck.


Prodigal Son
Haven't found it yet, bad language user. ;) Will look some more when I get home.

I did find this. It just shows how much we "yanks" love our car chases. :D
With the first one I get errors all the time ('The Page Could not be displayed' etc), the second one only has dead links (Under Contruction?), the fourth one has also dead links and the fifth one has the same links as the fourth one, dead links. The third one did work, some nice video's were displayed, but no chases:( . Thanks for your time anyway jw50.

Anyone else?

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