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Looking for a site blocking program

program that blocks sites. I want to be able to add an ip address on my network to block and unblock all from my computer. I also have to install it remotely.


The Analog Kid
normally i'd say just edit your hosts file to block the sites, but since you wanna do it remotely, maybe someone else will have some ideas.


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Political User
Try to be more specific...

There are plenty of Web site blockers out there. are you trying to keep
your kids safe from bad sites or is it something else... :rolleyes:

if you have a router look in the settings area.
or just block the address through XP

try this



OSNN Senior Addict
get a new router... seriously, not trying to be a jerk. I relatively cheap router (I know DLINK does it) can use keywords. You could block porn keywords and anything with say "teen" in the url would not be allowed to access.


Sinster said:
I want to keep employee from viewing porn sites etc. etc.

My router doesn't have that option.
Get the employee to sign a new works contract stopping him/her from viewing porn, using chat, downloading files and images you don't want him//her to see/use/save to hd.

Then set firewall to bar all known abuses. Then get yourself a keylogger application that will record their keystrokes, read the logs at your leisure, then if they don't fit your model for a safe employee sack em.


NTFS Stoner
just give them tips on safe sites that dont download the sh!t your trying to stop, otherwise it's good for works moral ;)


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
Look for an app called winguard pro. Its specifically designed to handle stuff like this as well as other lockdowns on the OS. Oh yeah, its free.

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