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looking for a program

hey. i dont know if this is even a program but i am looking for a program that lets you record streaming music over the web. a program that lets you record whatever is going through your speakers? is there such thing as that? maybe? I am trying out for this band soon and I need to record their music to a cd but all their music on the web is streaming. can anyone help?


The Analog Kid
There are lots of programs to acheive this. Any program that can record the output of the soundcard will work (Audacity, Total Recorder, SOund Forge, Virtual audio recorder, et al).

Also, If you're recording streams, you might be better off capturing the stream directly to avoid "transcoding." I'm sure theere's plenty of people here that can suggest good stream rippers.
NetTRansport I believe can rip shoutcast too - dont quote me on that though.

A good alternative is StreamRipper (litterally) and RipCast (shoutcast only iirc)

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