Looking for a Moniter with Native Res of 1600x1200

14 Feb 2004
I recently bought the ViewSonic VX922 and its a great moniter as far as no ghosting and what not goes. The problem is the viewing angle on it is horrendous. I have to be almost sitting above the moniter looking down for the picture not to be darkened and blurred. I am probably going to return it to newegg and purchase another one. I would like advice on one to purchase. I'm pretty much set on somthing with a 1600x1200 res and is not widescreen. I am a big gamer and play games that do not support anything other then 4:3 aspect ratios. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Moniter

Dell 2001FP, Dell 2007FP.

Remember though that vertical angles on LCD's are not that great.
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