looking for a laptop


20 Feb 2004
Anyone know anywhere where I can get a good cheap laptop?
and maybe a place to compare brands? I've been looking into the Sony Vios, thinking they are the best...i dont know tho, help me out if you can guys, thnx
yea ebays always good, I checked them out but they aint very cheap...
Not always no... great place to research though. If you can narrow it down to what you want, then you can start looking for retailers.
well I wanted to get something good, like 900-1.2mhz, at least 256 ram, gforce vid card, at least 14.1 screen...yuou know...so if i can find something in that range used (with warranty) maybe I'd go for it =]
I use my brothers VIO quite often it's a great machine, I have a Compaq Presario notebook that I like also, it's almost 2 years old.
I was looking on the Compaq site and the Sony site.. I think you can get what you are looking for in a NEW machine check out there sites and look at the different models. You can build them to your own specs to fit into your budget...If you cant get something with the specs you want What about a Refurbished Machine I know they come with warrantys, Check them out and tell me what you think.
I was looking for a low-budget notebook to complement my desktop, and I thought the HP Pavilion ZE1110 was a good deal at Circuit City for $1099.

The only complaint I have is no build-in ethernet port, but I use a wireless LAN card at school anyway.
wow that ones pretty good for the price, but I was holding out for maybe a PIII or Athlon processor. Thank you all for your replies. I also went to ebay but didnt find anything really worth getting.
Check www.ubid.com They usaually have some pretty good deals there see if there is anything that catches your eye.
thanx Led, they do have good stuff there, Im sure Ill find something =]

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