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looking for a laptop...


the retarded one
i'm looking for a laptop for use at uni, and to play games on...was looking at the advent 7017, anyone know if these are any good? or could you recommend another one, looking to spend about £1200 max on the actual laptop so any suggestions would be great :)


I may actually be insane.
Looks good to me, I know of them because a friend bought his laptop for uni there a while back (P4 2.2GHz, 512mb etc) and has only had one problem with it, whereby the modem stopped functioning, this was after a thunderstorm though.. so we don't think the cause was a cheap/crap modem, and it was replaced without any problems.

I intend to buy from there shortly after christmas time :)


the retarded one
oh ok cool, there's one thing that worries me tho...64MB GeForce FX 5600; i've only heard bad things about fx range of graphics cards...


I may actually be insane.
a GF FX will suffice for a laptop, most laptops will actually have shared graphics where-by system ram is used for graphics so your system actually ends up with 16, 32 or 64 meg less for use within the o/s as a certain amount is being reserved, obviously this is ok for general use, but pretty worthlesss (not absolutely terrible, my mate has shared gfx and can play UT2003 at an acceptable detail level/frame rate)

While the FX is inferiour to a Radeon, I've only seen Mobile Radeons in very expensive laptops, but the FX should suffice for most things :)


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Never go for Advent. They are sh!t. Had one with endless problems. :(
Go for a Toshiba or Compaq. They have very good specs on them.


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I personally like Dell laptops the best, the best laptops I have used. The toshiba screen broke on me easily, and a samsung laptop i had, screen broke really easily.. something with the cable. Oh well. Just one thing though, Dell support is slow... It took me forever to get my laptop, and than the extra parts took forever too... Oh well, its a good laptop.



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Originally posted by macromp
lol, ok what about the sony viao's? they any good? (i can see myself ending up with too many choices here :p)
If you got the money, I'd say go for one. They've got really good features (especially the memory stick socket). However, the speed on the portable range, i.e. the slimmer models tend to be slightly overpriced.
I kinda regret getting the Vaio R600. It looks big and fat with the docking station. Plus it cost me an arm an a leg to get it. :eek:


I may actually be insane.
The novatech one is a higher spec and cheaper, personally I'd go with Novatech.. up to you though really, only you know what you're really after :)


I'm trying
If you can afford it try a Tosh
I have had 2 Compaqs - nfg
And 2 Tosh satellites - 5100 and 5200
The only reason I got the 5200 was some sob ripped off my 5100
The toshibas have great screens, seperate video, decent size harddrives and seem very reliable. The models I am using are more of a mobile desktop so the are somewhat heavy.
That being said, I have heard very little wrong with Dells, I just have not owned one.

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