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Looking for a good gfx card

I am currently using my onboard geforce4 with dual vga out and tv out, but its stealing some of my ram so im thinking of getting a nice 128MB AGP card. But i know nothing.
My shuttle case only uses a small compact 250W PSU, so it cant be too overly powerful. Also for my needs it really doesnt need to be greatly impressive. But i do want a dual output and tv-out (S-Video).
Anyone got some nice cheap recommendations?
well this is where the age old argument of Nvidia or ATi comes in. Really i would like something that will play games well, but as far as games go on the pc its only really GTA 1 / 2 / London Warcraft and Exile 3. So nothing major, the TV-Out is a neccessity as well as the dual VGA out.
with that 9600 i would need a dvi=>vga adaptor tho :rolleyes:


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9600xt will be low power draw + decent gfx power...

if you want something higher end, a 9700/9800 series card from ati will do just fine for you (lower power draw than comparative nvidia cards and also smaller/more compact form factor)

you can get many which have dual vga or dvi/vga outputs as well as tv-out (s-video generally... thought some have breakout boxes)

the AIW 9600XT has a built in tv and FM tuner as well as dual vga and a small form factor...

I spose I should ask though... what is your budget?
well, atm i dont have a budget. I could splash out and get a amazingly speciall 256MB 8x AGP card... but i dont need it. The AIW looks good, the size will suite my SFF case too. I was looking for a tv-tuner card so this may be a good choice, to get them all in one :)

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